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#lifedrawing at #cornmillartspace #ilkleyarts #ilkley #figuredrawing #art

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7 thoughts on “#lifedrawing at #cornmillartspace #ilkleyarts #ilkley #figuredrawing #art

  1. thanks for email;brian is having an operation on 7th nov;so we cannot come just at the moment but keep us informed poleasse re life drawing!!!!!thanks we are v interested in coming over,just the timing is wring at the moment! regards jean Lancaster pp brin

    1. ok thanks Jean. Will keep you posted re the life drawing sessions.

  2. I can’t work out how to pay.
    So I will just turn up and pay tomorrow morning for the life drawing class.
    Pam Williams

    1. Ok great, you can pay at the studio.
      Thanks Joe

  3. Hi Jo,
    Planning to attend life drawing on Thursday.

    1. Great, see you then

  4. My husband is interested in the life drawing class would this be OK for him thanks

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